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Oranje Nassau`s Oord

Orange Nassau's Oord
Commissioned by WAM & Van Duren Bouw BV from Winterswijk, Jacbo installed the pile foundation for care center Oranje Nassau's Oord.

An unusual pile plan (see drawing) in the form of a fan with 158 piles Ø 350/400 with lengths varying from 6.7 to 17.2 m1, ie ascending and descending in all respects. With regard to the large difference in pile point levels, this can be explained because the project location is located on the border of the moraine and the stream valley. This moraine was created during the third ice age when ice lobes pushed up the moraine of Doorwerth/Arnhem. Due to this heterogeneity of the soil structure, it was not possible to indicate a uniform pile tip level. At some CPT levels / pile tip levels the pile tip will therefore not be deposited in sand but possibly in clay. This means that the bearing capacity of such a pile is not derived, or only to a limited extent, from the point bearing capacity, but from the positive adhesive.


158 piles Ø 350/400

6.7 to 17.2 m1

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