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Jacbo and the environment. For years, Jacbo has been working as environmentally friendly as possible. What about the vibration-free and low-noise drilling process when installing the screw piles? Sound and vibrations can also be very harmful to people and the environment. All our drilling rigs already produced relatively little noise, but the latest machines with the most modern engines remain well below the 80 dB standard.

In recent years, Jacbo has made a lot of investments in new equipment. Of course, this also has a positive impact on the environmental-technical level. As a result, the emissions of CO2 and nitrogen have decreased enormously. This applies to the drilling rigs, but also to the associated concrete pumps.

Jacbo Funderingstechniek is continuously working on innovation

Due to the current nitrogen problem, we have been regularly asked in recent weeks whether it is possible for us to install our piles with the help of an electric motor? As far as we know, this is not yet common practice in our industry (worldwide) and has never even been achieved. In order to be able to answer this question, we approached various suppliers with the request to investigate this. In addition, we investigated what our current (new) equipment emits (e.g. NOx and CO) and to determine whether it makes sense to start thinking about “electric drilling” at all. We have summarized the results of this study.

Jacbo produces its piles using a number of different screw techniques, of which the concrete mortar screw technique is best known. The company offers the following systems and/or pile types: Jac-O; Jac-B; Jac-S and Jac-P.

The methods of Jacbo Nederland are extremely suitable for foundations that are vibration-free, low-noise and damage-free, requirements that are increasingly set in the execution of construction projects. Claim-free working also leads to lower liability premiums from insurance companies; working quickly means a short construction time. In short, Jacbo offers an ideal way of foundation.

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