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Mortar screw piles stands for soil-removing bored piles.

The mortar screw pile is screwed in, whereby the soil is first removed using a hollow drill. Once at depth, the drill is removed slowly in reverse. Concrete is immediately pumped through the drill into the vacated space. The big advantage of mortar screw piles is that it is a completely vibration-free pile system and the noise production is virtually nil.


Concrete mortar screw pile with top net reinforcement.

Suitable for use as a pressure pile and tensile pile.
Available in diameters from 300 to 900 mm.

A very high processing speed characterizes the production methods of the Jac-S pile. The combination of craftsmanship and process technology makes it possible, for example, to produce about 80 to 100 screw piles per day, with a length of, for example, six meters on the construction site.

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