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Foundation pile formed in the ground.

Omega post with head net reinforcement, possibly in combination with a tension rod.

Suitable for use as a pressure pile and tensile pile, available in diameters from 320 to 520 mm.

Process registration
During the execution, everything is continuously under control. Measuring equipment in the cabins of the Jacbo equipment closely monitors and records the production process. A length and concrete pressure registration is kept for all piles formed. This registration is presented in a graphical form and is available for internal control and is only released after any identified discontinuities on the basis of the report of the acoustic measurement.

The Omega pile is a (partially) soil-displacing pile. The great advantage here is that it is possible to work with a smaller pile diameter than is possible with a concrete mortar screw pile.

The Jac-O is therefore a cost-saving system. Another major advantage is that much less soil is drilled.


Short description

Concrete mortar screw piles, Tubular screw piles and Omega piles in various diameters, for use as foundation piles, in residential construction, utility construction, road and dike construction. The piles are installed by specialized teams and machines from Jacbo Nederland B.V. vibration-free and low-noise. These Jacbo piles can also be used for retaining pile walls and for piles that are subject to tension. For example: basement floor, storage basins, or as an alternative to vertical grout anchors.

Concrete mortar: quality in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, consistency range = depending on soil type. Delivery via certified suppliers.

Reinforcement: B-500b. The materials used are supplied via certified suppliers.

Accessories: standard net reinforcement and cover foil.

On request: Central reinforcement bars for tension piles, grounding bars and pile head rings.

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