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de MP40

At Jacbo Funderingstechniek we are always looking for ways to work faster, better, more effectively and more sustainably. Good for the customers and good   for us! This attitude has a positive effect on our company and partly because of this we can look forward to a steadily growing number of project applications in recent years. That is why we have invested in a new foundation machine; the MP40. This machine was developed by Van den Heuvel from Werkendam. The MP40 is the result of a unique collaboration between mechanics, Van den Heuvel and end users like us. As a result, it has become a piece of customization that fits perfectly with our work. The MP40 is solid, but also quick to build. Given its capabilities, it is compact and easy to transport with drill and drill box. This makes the machine widely applicable for several projects in one day, a situation that occurs regularly with us. And so on!

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